The Ocean in a Drop

A collection of dreamscapes exploring the body as she is enchanted and rebirthed by the breath of the sea.

These images are a story of embodiment. Of remembrance. Of my process back to self and the journey I intuitively guide my muses on. 

As we shed layers, every cell bursts to life. We reconnect with the earth, feeling the joy of sunshine on the skin and the delightfully rough texture while making angels in the sand. We frolic into the cold inviting waves of our mother sea. Sometimes she takes your breath away. The drop reunites with the ocean of endless possibilities.

I photograph to remember. (My) body is the beauty and the romance, the magic and wonder of life. The lock and the key to it all. The treasure map and the buried treasure. She’s the ocean in a drop. She’s the goddess in the flesh. She’s me and I get to be her for this life. 

A Window into her World

Jen Ashley Brown is an artist who interweaves her fascinations with light, sensation, embodied presence, nature, and self. 

She connects deeply with her muses as they come to experience and know their unique inner beauty. The process of coming into presence while being fully seen and accepted, grounds her muses in the magic of their being. The imagery created is a portal to the authentic self and an anchor to transport back to. 

Jen's essence is also expressed in her program "Of Stardust Live", a community centered figure drawing experience that includes authentic engagement in a healing environment. Learn more Of Stardust Live

View the collection in person at Perspectives Space Gallery Aug 5-27

555 2nd Street Encinitas, CA 92024

Special Print Pricing for Perspectives Space Show Aug 2023

4x6 $20

12x18 $90

30x45 $500

40x60 $1200